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Commercial Lending

We provide various kinds of commercial credit to flexibly meet with your short, medium and long term funding needs, to assist you in enhancing your productivity and financing your business expansion and exploiting business opportunities.

Working Capital Financing

We provide overdraft and short term working capital funds to suit your short term cash flow requirements.

Plant & Equipment financing

We provide short term to medium term loans to help you purchase plant and equipment, increase your production rate and efficiency.

Purchase of Commercial and Industrial Properties

We provide mortgage loan to assist you in purchasing new office or factories, with flexible loan terms.

Corporate Tax Loans

We provide installment tax loans to you for tax payments and extra working capital needs.

SME Loans

We join the HKSAR Government in providing SME loan schemes, catering for your equipment or working capital financing needs.

Syndicated Loans

We participate in syndicated loans to assist you in funding needs.



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